How to upgrade from v2.0.5 to v2.1.5

  • Get the latest version from the GitHub
  • Since you have already changed the app/config/config.json file backup that file so you can over write the new one
  • In this release we have included Plugin Download cod4x files from GitHub please read all the instructions here to be able to use the plugin and compile cod4x binary files with 1 click from now on via the CoD4yWebAdmin application
  • The new plugin requires new lines in app/config/config.json file, you can add these lines to your backed up config file, these are the new lines
"cod4x_compile": {
		"download_link" : "",
		"dir_root" : "/home/linux_user/CoD4x_Server-dev_newarch",
		"zip_file_name" : "",
		"save_directory_path" : "/var/www/"

You can compare your app/config/config.json with the new one and add these lines, here is a link to the new lines, where they start GitHub

After you have added the new lines to your existing config.json file once again, make sure you change all the data in the lines as described here to be able to use the new plugin.

  • Upload the new GitHub files to your website location, over write app/config/config.json with yours after you have updated it with the new lines and configured it
  • Add the new plugin to your database with next command in putty after you
cd /var/www/mywebsite/html/app/seed

run the update file (if node is not working try to run the command with nodejs)

node update.js
  • Start the application
cd /var/www/mywebsite/

npm start

if you are using PM2 start it with

pm2 start npm --name "my_choosen_app_name" -- start

If you need help let me know here in the comments

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