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Not a problem i will change the password tonight, anybody can PM me tomorrow to be able to use it on server join

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You will have to contact them, this forum has nothing to do with cod4x forum, 2 websites

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Nothing is normal on Cirkus, even the reasons sometimes 🙂

What I can read from this reason (with my bad english) is that he will ban your ass if you don't follow server rules 🙂

Sry google translate

θα σας απαγορεύσει τον κώλο

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In order to be able to use the upcoming Julia admin console make sure guys that you have a linked Steam account on the CoD4x Webadmin Profile page. Do not sign up with a new account, link your existing Local account with the steam on the linked page

I will catch somebody tomorrow to test out the admin commands, always dreamed about it to ban some server admins 🙂

I will write about new features after I activate the plugin on some Servers, if everything works as it should all admins on the website will have automatically admin rights on the game server

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Make sure that you have deleted all the old plugins in this 2 directories




Download the latest CoD4x release from here and upload it to main-server-files folder

chmode the "cod4x18_dedrun" to 755

After this steps if you start the server it should work

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rcon must be at least 8 characters long....

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You have mixed up things, the plugins what u have to remove are inside main-server-files folder, and that is a part of Call of Duty server, it has nothing to do with the website.

if u have the plugins symlinked inside your cod4-port server remove that part to, maybe you have created the server before you have removed the plugins as I told you, it means that you have some symlinked plugins what you don't need.

Also screenshots work only if there are at least 2 (active) players on the server, if you are alone the screenshot will be not fired

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Delete all plugin inside this folder


You should have only an empty plugins folder. This plugins what u have there are outdated and they will not work, just delete them and you will be fine

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Could you send me the console output when u send some rcon commands via website.

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Also make sure that u don't set the rcon password in your game servers server.cfg file, it is set in the command line for security reasons, if u navigate to the Admin page go to server edit, there you will see the start commandline, it is called "Server start line" (this part +set rcon_password xxxxxxxxx)