Before we can activate Admin Commands we have to load Plugin julia on the Game Server. You can read about plugin activation here How to Set up Plugin Julia and activate it.

Set up Steam on website, get Steam Api key

Plugin Julia requires Steam for server commands, to be able to use commands on the CoD4 Game server you have to activate plugin "SSO Steam" on the website. Navigate to the website Admin section find Plugins and search for "SSO Steam", click on settings.

Screenshot_2019-02-14 Edit Plugin - Cirkus Serveri.png

Read the instructions, change the config.json file and create an Steam API Key, if you click on API Console link (blue link on the screenshot) it will redirect you to the steam page where you can create the API key.

If you changed the config.json file, got an Steam API key save the file and activate SSO Steam on the website.

We can activate/deactivate plugins on the website in 2 ways, either check the checkbox "Status Activate/Deactivate" and save changes or navigate to plugins page and click on "Activate"

Link Steam Account or Sign up with Steam

Since we have activated plugin "SSO Steam" website visitors can now sign up/register also with their Steam Accounts. if a new not registered visiot visits our website and Sign's up with Steam there is nothing else required.

Important Step
Since we are already registered on the website with our Local Account we have to link this Local Account with our Steam Account. In order to do so navigate on the website to your profile page. We can find the link to the profile page in 2 places

Right top corner
Screenshot_2019-02-14 Home - Cirkus Serveri.png

left main menu, click on image or my Profile and it will slide down
Screenshot_2019-02-14 Home - Cirkus Serveri(1).png

Locate Steam Account and link it with your Local Account via your Profile page. This step is important because if we link our Steam account via our Profile page the website will know that those two accounts belong to the same person, so it will not matter in future how you sign in to the website, local or Steam you will have admin rights. You can also see the text what i wrote on your profile page

"If you have multiple user accounts (Local, Facebook, Google ...), you can link them together. You do not have to sign out, in every time to hold your admin rights. Or for example you forgott your password for the local account, no problem you can still login with Google, Facebook ..."

I have already linked my Steam account with my local account on the screenshot, instead of "Remove Steam" you will have a button/link with text "Link Steam" similar to my Twitter button

Screenshot_2019-02-14 My Profile - Cirkus Serveri.png

Make sure that you are set as Admin on the Game Server(s), you can add remove admins and change admin power in the website Admin section if you visit Users part.

To change the Admin Power click on User name and make the changes, save it. To select on which server this user will have Admin Rights click on blue button "Admin on Server" and select servers.

Screenshot_2019-02-14 Manage Users - Cirkus Serveri.png

We are ready now to test out the server commands. Make sure that you run Steam on your machine when you join the game server, admin authentication on the game server happens via Steam.

Basically to use Julia Admin Commands you have to run Steam on your PC, have to link Steam account and have to be added as admin on the website with more than 1 power.

To test out if you have admin rights in game you can kick yourself with next command

$kick player_name reason

I will create a separated topic on Server Commands, how they can be changed, managed, removed or added

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