How to Set up Plugin Julia and activate it

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    Game Server (CoD4x) part

    Plugin Julia has to be uploaded to the game servers "plugins" folder. If we run an external game server we have to upload it for every server manually. If we use Local Game Servers than we have to upload it to "main-server-files/plugins" folder

    Website part

    After we upload the plugin to the game Server(s) we have to create a unique julia_identkey on the website. Navigate to the Admin section click on "Edit Server" (to each server name there are 3 dots on the right side click on them)

    Screenshot_2019-02-14 Admin Dashboard - Cirkus Serveri.png

    if you run multiple game servers make sure that every server has a unique julia_identkey

    Under tab "Server" locate "Julia identkey (must be unique for every server)" enter there your julia_identkey, hit "Save Changes"

    Now we have to load the plugin on the Game Server, we have to add 3 lines to our Game Server "server.cfg" file
    You can see the 3 lines what you have to add to the bottom of your server.cfg if you click on Tab "Server Plugins"

    Screenshot_2019-02-14 Edit Server - Cirkus Serveri(1).png

    After saving we can copy the 3 lines what we have to include in our game server cfg file. The 3 lines are under Tab "Server Plugins" (Game Server Settings - Plugin Julia)

    Add this 3 lines and restart the game serverm we need only the 3 lines from "Game Server Settings - Plugin Julia"

    If we use plugin Julia we don't need "Game Server Settings - Plugin ScreenshotSender" since Julia has that part implemented

    After we have added this 3 lines to the server.cfg file we have to restart the Game Server.

    Plugin Julia should work from now on, the players list and server information's should be refreshed every 30 seconds on the website

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