New CoD4x WebAdmin v1.0.0 Relase

These files are only for the linux operating system?

Yes for now the Local server part works only with Linux. If you rent the game server than you can use it on windows since you will not have an Local server(s) only Externals. I will make it windows compatible in future

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Thank you very much have the version used in the Windows Operating system?

i work on it on my local PC with windows 10 so it should work. The only thing what you will miss is the 1 click create Local server, that part will not work since that's only Linux compatible.

This part will not work for you

But there is another tab in the tutorial, External Game Servers, that's for rented game servers and that part can be used and it will work.

I installed the file here but I didn't work Screen buttons don't work...What can be done? thanks

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That is my old status page made in php. That's another application. You need to do the 5th step from the first post

5- Edit steamauth/SteamConfig.php file dont forget the last /

my english is not good I'm sorry

Start a new topic here please if you need help with the old php version

i will try what you say ... ıf ı will fail ı open topic