After we have successfully installed our CoD4x-WebAdmin application we have to download the required cod4 server files so we can later on add new Local servers with 1 click.

We need to download this files only once

Make sure that u have changed your config.json file so we can connect via ssh to our VPS/Dedi server and the root user folder path, the linux_user is the user what we have created to run our cod4 servers since we never run servers as root users ("servers_root" : "/home/linux_user")

"ssh_access": {
	"host" : "your-server-ip",
	"user" : "putty_username",
	"password" : "putty_password"
"cod4_server_plugin": {
	"download_link" : "",
	"servers_root" : "/home/linux_user"

Navigate to your Admins Home Page and locate the servers part


We have 2 type of servers

  • Local Game Servers (servers on our VPS/Dedi server)
  • External Game Servers (servers what we rent by some game server hosting provider)


We will concentrate on the Local Game Servers. In order to add new Local Game servers we need to download the required files to run new cod4 servers. We can download them by clicking on "Download Server Files Link", right top corner (click on 3 dots to open the menu). Be patient after u clicked the Download Link we need to download about 4gb (wait for 5-10 mins depends on your download speed).

After we have downloaded all the required files we have to extract them, click on "Extract Server Files" in the same menu where you previously clicked the download link.

That's it we are ready now to create New Local servers with 1 click

The cod4x server files are outdated, so if you would like to use the latest version you will have to upload them manually to /home/linux_user/main-server-files

The main-server-files folder is our main cod4 server directory, we will symlink all our new Local Game Servers to this directory.

If you run new maps upload them to /home/linux_user/main-server-files/usermaps so you dont have to upload them to every server individually

Server files Structure

Our main server files are located inside: /home/linux_user/main-server-files, if we want to upgrade to the latest cod4x files we do it here. All new Local game servers will use this cod4x server files

Where can i locate my new Local Game server after I have added it?
Every Local Game server is located inside /home/linux_user directory. They are named like this cod4-serverport

So if you create 2 new Local Game servers with ports 28960 and 28961 you will find them separated in 2 directories if u navigate to /home/linux_user

Game server with port 28960 will be inside directory

Game server with port 28961 will be inside directory

New Local game Servers are named as "SERVERNAME", change the server.cfg manually after you have added the game server. It is important to change the server name and run the new server before you add your next new local game server, server names have to be unique, so we can not have 2 servers named "SERVERNAME"

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