Version 0.0.4 has been released officially.

How to upgrade from v0.0.3 to v0.0.4

  • Get the latest version from the Github page

  • Since you have already changed the app/config/config.json file backup that file so you can over write the new one

  • Extract the downloaded files to you website, replace app/config/config.json with yours what you have just saved

  • Navigate in terminal to website root and execute command

    npm install
    Update the existing database with a new plugin

    cd /var/www/mywebsite/app/seed

Update MongoDB with next command

node dbseed_2.js

Start the application

npm start

What is new in v0.0.4

  • New plugin called "Julia Kick Black SS", this plugin will check if the screenshot is a black SS and if yes it will kick the player from the server
  • Link to auto generated sitemap.xml file on the admin homepage
  • Plugin "Start Stop Server" this plugin is for frontend admin users with X power (can be set backend), we already can start or stop the Local server(s) with power 100, this plugin is in first row admin with lower power than 100
  • Fixed the bug for server restart every day at X hour