server start but not working :(


anyone know why is that im new here 😞

This is not enough data to see what the issue could be. What I can see is that plugin julia is not initialized

Can you connect to the game server?

For Julia activation follow this

no game server timeout its not start also but admin menu said its started 42434b8e-1685-4607-80d4-ecb5f955e9d8-image.png

i try to activation julia now 🙂

Check if the server exist manually, it should be placed on your server inside a directory called cod4-28960. If that directory doesn't exist then your config json file is wrong configured. If it exist but the server is not starting you can try to start it manually.

Every server has a start-line if you navigate on the webadmin to admin section and choose server edit. Copy that start line and paste in putty after you cd to cod4-28960 newly created server, that's how you can manually start a game server and see if there is any error

Also please use my latest version, based on your screenshot this is version v1.0.0

I have a similar problem, I did what you indicate above and if the server appears but when I start I get an error that says Impure client detected. 1 Invalid .IWD files found!

That error is related to cod4x, please ask there. I know that the new version has some issues, I still run my servers on the old version until they fix it

Yes thank you, it was my mistake and I fixed it, I really appreciate all the help