All In Game commands can be found here Admin->Plugin Julia Settings - Server Commands

If you have 100 Power Admin rights you can manage the required power for every command there (I wrote about that part here

If you would like to change the command prefix to ! instead $ add this line to your server.cfg file

//Disable $ and use ! prefix
set g_disabledefcmdprefix 0

To list all available commands what you can use type next command In Game


This will list all the commands what you can use based on your power (it will be listed in console so hold shift and press console key ~ together, this will open the console in full window and you will be abble to read it)

There is a special command !sm_chat, this command sends a message to all admins ingame, non admin users will not see it. It can be used in 2 ways

!sm_chat my message to all admins


@ my message to all admins

To list all players type (will be printed to console so hold shift + ~) This is useful if we want to execute command on a player slot number instead his name


If we would like to ban a player in game because obvious cheats or we are just in bad mod 🙂 we can do it with next command

!permban playername/slotnumber reason

This command will permanently ban the player on all our servers and it will send a cheater report to our cod4xwebadmin page, you should see it under menu Banlist, there will be the cheater report for this ban

There are many other commands I will not go trough them all but if you do it bad it will send you a usage example, ofcorse commands depend on your power