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    Julia Server Commands can be changed via the website in the Admin section. In order to change the commands locate on the Admin page the "Plugin Julia - Game Server Part" section and click on link "Server Commands".

    Screenshot_2019-02-15 Server Commands - Cirkus Serveri.png

    This are the commands what you can execute on the Game Server.

    Lets take for example command "sm_chat", i use this command since it is a new command available with Plugin Julia

    If you have admin rights on the Game Server (minimum power 60 - see image) then you can execute this command on the game server. To execute it simply type

    $sm_chat my private message to all admins on the server

    This will return a message on the server like this

    [Admin-Chat] (NeHo) my private message to all admins on the server

    This message is only visible for Admins, if you have no admin rights on the server you will not see this message

    Now if we would like to change the required power for this command we can do it on the website, simply click on the command name and edit it (I think there is no need to explain the 2 fields what you can edit)

    Screenshot_2019-02-15 Edit Server Command - Cirkus Serveri.png

    How this commands work on the game Server

    Every time when somebody connects to the server Plugin Julia checks the Power and return the command list.
    Since you can manage the commands on the website you can also change the required power or even delete the command.

    You also set the admin power for the users on the website with other words you can completely manage Admins and Admin Commands on the website.

    Just a small help for command prefix and the GUID formats on the game server.

    If you don't use B3 bot you can add this line to your game servers cfg file

    //Disable $ and use ! prefix for commands
    set g_disabledefcmdprefix 0

    After you add this line instead of $ you can now use ! command prefix, forexample

    !sm_chat my private message to all admins on the server

    Sometimes the GUID format gets nasty, you can change it to "normal" with this lines in your server.cfg file

    //Guid format
    set sv_usesteam64id 1

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