Error: Init failure. Server returned code 400 and message Error: Empty rcon value

I have configured things as instructed but am faced with this error and not sure what steps to take to troubleshoot.

Right now I have server appearing in the page but not showing number of players, etc... RCON seems to be retrieving data when I use RCON console from web page, but not sure that JULIA is connecting right...

Any thoughts 🙂 ?


@NeHo Thanks !!, was missing the steam setting part. So now I am a little bit further, I am getting players and screenshots. Not sure it is as fast as it should be. On the main page server shows last scanned 4 hours ago. I'm sure it's in my settings just need to take some time and tweak...

So all seems to be up and running however the player list and main server page do not seem to be updating. I read some old forum stuff and there was mention of a refresh plugin ( suspect was prior version ). I also read the julia docs and that seems to be updating every 30 seconds with push from server plug in. I have reviewed the logs on the cod4 and see the plug in loaded, the rcon commands also match what is on the main page. Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting the players not updating timely ?



Please check the console on the website part. There should be a POST every 30 seconds, thats actually julia on your game server sending information's to the website. Do not share here publicly the post console log since it holds your julia_identkey.

Make sure that the url what you have added is available on the internet. If you do it on local host or if it is blocked with firewall then it will not able to communicate.

You can PM me in chat here also if you need more help in setting everything up.

I am away tomorrow but I will answer you when I come home