Ban appeal

I was banned because I play well, normal move. I ask you to unban me and punish the one who made the decision about my bath, during my game about 12 screenshots were taken and there is no evidence of an unclean game on my part

U have a tempban not a perma one mate ^^ Tsu was the one banning, so we'll see whats up when he's around 🙂

come again with no hacks , ( i dont remove it if a higher admin wants he may remove it),i watched you for 4 maps and im sure you are not clear, also other regular players (7.62mm and rtz) they wanted me to ban you.

i can start stream and you will see my game . you make many ss and i know all clear

To be honest playstyle was kinda weird. For example on chinatown when we played 2v1 (fox,me vs him) he knew exactly where i was even though sometimes he didnt see me or even hear.

I will check him if he returns, keep calm its Colorado Cirkus