Lets talk about Scorpion on SD

There are some players who complain about the scorpion on the SD server, they would like to disable that weapon to. Let me know what the majority thinks.

I have not removed it since it requires often reloads, that's a minus in some situations in my opinion.

Let me know

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i think it is an annoying weapon , my opinion is better to remove it.

ostavi nam samo kamenje da se sa kamenjem poubijamo ma nema ukidanja oruzija i ono ukinuto bih vratijo

just leave us the stones to kill the stones with no weapons abolition and the abolished ones would be returned

Sometimes is really annoying, but lots of ppl use it on server and if we disable it this may lead them to leave our server idk.Also we have already disable other weapons and who knows how many we will disable in the future, which is not fair in my opinion. For me to get less mad while playing i want skorpion to be disabled ofc 😛 but for the server and i dont know the impact that this may have!

Enjoy your Summer guys!Kisseeeees!

Since p90 is banned i dont know why skorpion is allowed, or allow both guns or not

For me scorpion is like p90. If p90 is forbidden scorpion also must forbidden. That's my opinion

If we ban scorpion ppl will find other things to complain about, including myself 😄 Its an annoying gun but its not as 'unfair' as p90 where u can kill everyone on the enemy team without needing to reload, p90 is more of a tdm gun imo. Its up to you adminka, but i would just leave it in the game so everyone has something to complain about 😄

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i dont like it, i actually hate it. But lot of players use it. My opinion is to NOT disable it, magare.

You guys know my opinion 😄 no p90 = no scorp,
also i think scorp is way too overpowered on distance, especially in hardcore mode, thats the main reason i hate that weapon..

I'd like to vote for skorpion ban. Reasons are pretty clear, but it's like automatic g3 with no recoil and bigger hitbox

I wont miss it if its banned tbh (even if acog scorp was kinda fun 😄 ), so u have my permission to ban it adminka 😄

Maybe i can close now this topic 😛