New CoD4x WebAdmin v2.2.2 Relase

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    New CoD4x WebAdmin v2.2.2 has been released, this update holds the fix for the rcon commands issues in the previous version, re-captcha update, user management update.

    Simply overwrite the files from v2.2.1

    after the file overwrite completes run on your application root

    npm install

    Start your application

    If you have some security issue messages (if there is only 1 low risk message skip this) please do the follow step

    • Remove on your applications root next file "package-lock.json"
    • start your application, there will be an error message with a solution
    • simply type that command as suggested on the console and after that start your application
      *if there is no error message and your application simply starts pls create the file with next command
    npm install --package-lock
    • if this doesn't help simply type the next command
    npm audit fix

    feel free to PM me here if you need help

    PS (there where some known bugs I hope that they are now fixed, to be sure PM me if there is any issue)

    • There where some issues with rcon commands, please let me know if some of them is not working so that I can fix it.
    • Check if the google recaptcha is loaded on your Sign Up page (I updated it to the latest version)
    • check if you can manage your admins on the admin backend
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