• i wanna start a vote here for a new rule one server. we should forbid spraying through walls on the server, what do you guys think? just yes or no as a comment below, thx

  • shooting through walls if u see or hear someone its ok i think...but spray from spawn sucks. Thats the real problem! I vote YES!!!

  • I concur with Blanco, only if you saw someone. Blind spray is for pussies and we only allow Surv, Hannah and Rainbow on the server to be that. And sometimes Blanco

  • Global Moderator

    I agree on 1.0 on the server i played on the rule was "no blind spray"...so if u see uav dots, if u see ppl run into buildings or into the smoke or when someone has no ds and they are yelling right next to you than its okay but just spraying spots cos u expect ppl there is a no-no. But also, think about how many arguments will be there about "i saw you", "no u didnt" and as admins that will easily get on all of our nerves 😄

  • @Irony666 i ❤ you bro, but its a "No" from me... We ll be always in argument with other players for that. Its a game, we don't need to take everything so serious. If i hear steps behind a wall, i will spray, if i hear yells behind a wall i will spray, if i see someone running into the smoke i will spray. Its in the game...Nothing wrong with it. The only annoying thing with spray is when round starts, I personally spray in Facklot (attack side), ofc i can stop that, but that is just me. There are tons of other players. In short, its just a game, we don't need to take it so serious. Hodor 😄

  • everything u mentioned isnt spraying for me cause i shoot too when i hear someone or see someone running in the smoke or behind a wall. i i just mean this stupid ''shoot in all directions like a weirdo and hope to hit someone'' shit. and btw i love you too honeypie ❤ .........also HOBOMB!

  • Global Moderator

    So basically we can agree on that we just want all the kids like Lyusi and Trojawn to stop spray through whole rounds like mindless idiots.. 😄

  • yeah just to name a few ^^

  • yes this spray from spawn to spawn/mutliple walls should be banned

  • @Irony666 ❤ Hobomb xD
    Yes ofc this nonsense spawn to spawn spray is super annoying. Its a "yes" to that 😛

  • Administrators

    My suggestion as a young teen ex admin is to only kick first and if they don't listen to tempban them for some days.

    It is always god to punish others with no admin rights, ahhhhh how I love that 😛

    It is always god practice to ban them without reason, that's how I got some friends on facebook they had no other choice then to send me a friend request!!!!

    My motto has always been: if you can't help at least disturb, it's important to participate in the community!!!!

  • sounds fair my dear, 1st warn them, 2nd kick and finally 3rd tempban them...thats a solution i can live with very well 🙂

  • @Irony666 I'm fine with that 😄

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