New CoD4x WebAdmin v2.2.0 Relase

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    How to upgrade from v2.1.5 to v2.2.0

    • Download the latest files from Github
    • Since you have already changed the app/config/config.json file backup that file so you can over write the new one
    • Extract the downloaded files to you website, replace app/config/config.json with yours what you have just saved
    • Navigate in terminal to website root and execute commands

    Stop the node application, run the stop command

    Install the newer updated dependencies to lower security risks in future


    npm install

    Start your application you should have now the latest version

  • whats new in this update mate?

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    Security fixes, package updates, script updates

    • u have to have git installed on your OS to be able to download the latest cod4x files

    also you have to change the GitHub branch to master since the new_arch is removed, you have to change your config to this 1, the link and the name is changed compare it with yours, I changed the "download_link" and "zip_file_name"

    "cod4x_compile": {
    	"download_link" : "",
    	"dir_root" : "/home/linux_user/CoD4x_Server-master",
    	"zip_file_name" : "",
    	"save_directory_path" : "/var/www/"

    I will write this a little bit more in details tomorrow just arrived home

    If you go to the server details you should see the json part what there times I started for the jsonplugin, but thats just a plus and it is not required to use the application

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