Webadmin doesnt show players

yes npm start

no errors

when you restart the game server on the websites console you should see a POST request, the plugin julia try to communicate with your website, if there is an error it will maybe print out something helpful for me

from where i can restart the server ?

If it is a Local server you can stop and start it from admin page, just navigate to the admin page and you will see a red stop button next to your server name. If you added an external server then you will have to do it in control panel where you rent the server. I am not sure what server type you have

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no errors

the interface says the first map when i add the server from webadmin

it not loads the new map

and game server console give me error plugin cant be loaded

Where did u click when you have created the server, on Local or on External?

Screenshot_2019-03-06 Admin Dashboard - Cirkus Serveri.png

Okay, I need some start points to be able to help you. Now go to your server on the admin page, on the right side you will see 3 dots, if you click on them you can go to server edit

have you added the julia_identley on that page and saved it?

issue solved, the problem was in the given url in the server.cfg

set julia_url - was pointed to wrong website url