How to upgrade from v1.0.0 to v2.0.4

  • Get the latest version from the Github page
  • Since you have already changed the app/config/config.json file backup that file so you can over write the new one

After you have backed-up the config.json file add this 2 lines to the end of the file, here is an example how it should look

The website_language is the default language on your website, all rcon commands will be sent in this language to the game servers. (Available languages for now: en, de, hr)

en = English
de = Deutsch
hr = Hrvatski

website_non_http_url is just your domain without http:// or https:// so in my case I would use instead of

"website_language": "en",
"website_non_http_url": "localhost"
  • Extract the downloaded files to you website, replace app/config/config.json with yours what you have just saved
  • Navigate in terminal to website root and execute command
npm install

Start the application

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