Some excellent ideas to make Cirkus Greater!

Since i see that my Admins ❤ are not happy because they can't ban 15 players per day I have an idea how to make the server more popular. We need some text to make Cirkus popular. So i started to type the reason why players should always play on Citkus, it starts like this ....

"Womens ... football ... erotic ... lamb (meat only) ... movies ... GERMAN CARS ... education of young people ... plum distillation ... And more that you do not really care about if you are going to the solarium"

And then our slogan

We drive slow cars, read short books and permanently ban quality fair honest players since 2011!

I think that we could rock, we need just some good ideas why players would play on our servers, for start I would change nothing here but some plus Ideas would be great

Croatian version

Žene… fudbal… erotika… janjetina… filmovi… NJEMAČKO AUTO… edukacija mladih… destilacija šljive… I još koješta što te uopšte ne zanima ako ideš u solarijum


Vozimo spora kola, čitamo brze knjige, i banamo kvalitetne poštene i kulturne igrače od 2011!

Your grammar police arrived as usual, "Women" not "Womens" adminka 😛

slogans are a great idea but things like "movies" or "erotic" might lead us to the wong audience. dont wanna have 13 year old playes on the server that expect us to deliver them terrabytes of porn xD. maybe smth like "Cirkus - we make cod4 great again" or "this is an adullt zone, so treat others like you want to be treated".

@SuRv1VoR that's because on Cirkus servers we have only 1 women @LsD

@Irony666 maybe i was just honest how we are 😂 😈 😬 🤘 😈

@1manFail maybe we could let's say ban Greeks every Sunday, what do you think?

On Saturday we could organize a lecture for new players how to camp with every weapon until you got moved to spectators with an AFK message

@Hannah could Mondays teach others how to make sandwiches for online server admins

oh dear i am such an expert maybe i write a book "How to push your CoD4 server to n1 on Gametracker"

@duckwj1197 on Tuesday all we care about is Duck hunting... and we will like maybe 3 people

and neho is teaching the nyuszitanc