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    Hello bello campers 🙂

    Should I disable RPD weapons (machine guns) or should I leave them, asking this bcause some players complain about them

    I am also thinking on new killstrikes let me know if this would be interesting or you think that I should leave everything related to killstrikes as is

    2 kills = uav
    4 kills = ability ninja (player is invisible for 30 sec, only fire steps can be seen on the ground behind him so its hard to spot him)
    6 kills = Strafe run (instead heli, strafe run contains 5 helis and they fly only once above the map and shoot the enemie players, after they flyed over the map thats it)

    Should I add back the knifing area (old bug is still present players can on some maps jump out from training areas, maybe I can fix this in some way in future)

    There will be some new features, mainly visions

    • in spect pressed keys will be shown with players FPS
    • will fix the killcard text so we can change the default killcard text (www.cirkus-serveri.com)
    • will add more colors/styles to killcards

    For now this would be it, I am still not sure about some features so I will not share them until I decide, let me know what your thoughts are

  • just leave original cod,no mods

  • Good morning 🙂
    In my opinion RPDs ruining the game when they used by sprayers. its annoying for SnD.
    I personaly prefer to disable them.
    I trust your taste for all the other features cause your an evil smart Gaidaros 😄

  • Some people will play regardless of your decisions Neho, and personally I dont mind new/different killstreaks. As for the knifing area, I would like it back since its boring to watch unskilled players, such as Survivor, Tipsy, Duckwj, Omar etc., although most of them die soon so they spect me instead. It would be so much better, and I doubt anyone will try jumping into the map, and at least now we have admins to kick/ban them if they do 🙂

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    Since im basically in the top 3 players complaining about machine guns, i say disable them, its a tdm gun 😄
    Strafe run in my opinion is pretty fun (at least if that was one of the things we tried), im not sure about the ninja thing, i think if u add that there will be many people who will just try to knife all map long and there will be more crying and complaining about playing objectives (also, lets not give more superpowers to Tsu, the stun is more than enough).
    Knife area is a good idea, players like Johnny who just die 15 times every map, get bored easily without it.
    Does this mean im getting my pink grillcard? 😛
    Anyways, so far good work mum ^^

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    I will need some time to finish everything, until that happens we have the existing scripts.

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    @SuRv1VoR pink grill-card is in maintenance 🙂

  • i love you neho but these changes for the abilties are not good...2 kills for uav means pretty much permanent uav and wtf is that ninja shit? u are better than that man, but its just my opinion

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    @Irony666 That's why I have started this conversation to see what the community thinks. I will leave the killstrikes than as they are. Will re-add the knifing area, survis grillCard since thats finished 🙂 Will upload the new server tonight after we finish the game so we can test it tomorow

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    So the most important thing is ready, yassssss

  • wtf is a grillcard...can u eat cheaper with that? xD

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    There are those killcards where u can change color and the text it says when u kill, neho made me a pink one so killcard becomes grillcard 😛

  • okay i thought its smth cool or special...but its just gay nonsense i see 🙂

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