Cirkus SD your opinion for future

i am definitly down with a new server. 5-10 loss of ping isnt that bad and its a good way to get some new faces on the server and get rid of some assholes. i mean i dont have time to play so much atm but i am just a fan of changing things that became rusty 🙂

I have an idea, I will create a server with 20 slots, 8 will be private slots, so admins can always join even if its full, is that okay?

I will create it tonight and start advertising the new IP on the current server

The idea is good, for once neho is actually working fast, so gj mum 😄

tested it, runs fluidly gj my dear 🙂

Bless our lord and saviour Neho, the Magare we all love and hate at the same time 😛

Love you all 😛

There are 2 new commands

The style command will change the killcard color (default, red, blue, green, yellow)


The emblem command is buggy since it doesnt appear on the enemies killcam but I will fix it this days, it should replace the default "" text with your own

Example usage (max 40 characters)

!emblem NeHo is Pro :)

I will include some new commands in future

You're all welcome for all my efforts testing the new stuff 😄

You got nothing better to do anyway @SuRv1VoR and I told Neho not to include you as an admin on the new servers and I will send him 50€ and a box of chocolates every month

Send me that 50€ every month and i will volunteer not to be kicked every single day