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    Hello campers πŸ™‚

    The S&D server will expire on 18.02.2019.

    I need your help to make a decision, since I have my own server I could run an S&D server on it for free (I run some websites on it so I pay already). The ping could be worse +5/10 in my opinion but it would be for free.

    The server IP would change so we would loose some players who don't play regularly and they are not informed that the server runs on other IP address.

    The TDM server is already on my own server so u can join it and see the ping results. The previous Zombie server was also on my server so some of you already played on it.

    If you want to stay on this server and play here let me know so i can pay for it until it expires, if we decide to stay on this IP/server what we already have now donations are welcome. 1 month costs about 7 €uros, it's not a big money but we don't have to pay for something what we can have for free in my opinion

  • Greetings everyone on the site, and fellow cod4 cirkus donkeys!

    First off, I wanna say I am with Neho on the new server that would be free of charge, it seems economical and ping of +10 means nothing to players that have no skill anyway ( I won`t name anyone although someones name that starts with "S" and ends with "urvivor" comes to mind).

    Next I wanna say something about regular players, Im sure they wont mind a new IP adress, and those who dont play regularly, well, we can live without them honestly. But we could spread the news on the server itself if we were provided with the server IP here, I would have no problem telling people to come and camp on the new improved free server.

    I also have a question regarding the admins on the new server, who would they be? If I may say, I can accept all the current admins except one who cant do his/her job properly (again, no naming, but also a first letter "S" comes to mind, as well as the tag [#FA]). Therefore, I think all current admins should stay admins there too (except the "S" admin who I will not name, also wearing the tag [#FA]).

    I hope it all works out whatever people decide, have fun whatever decision is made πŸ˜„

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    Why is it that, whatever the topic is, i just get bullied??!
    When Neho was asking for opinions, i dont think he was asking you johnny boy since clearly no one cares about what u think anyways ^^
    I'm fine with moving to the free server and to disappoint some ppl, my ping is still around 35 there (at least it was around that when i nuked the adminka), so my skills will be untouched πŸ˜„
    If you have the ip before 02.18 i think we can just spam it when we r online so most of the ppl will be able to save it, and the others...well, sucks to be them πŸ˜„
    P.S.: if there will be no payments tho, i do have some ideas about who shouldnt be an admin, or even know some passwords πŸ˜„

  • Well clearly Ive touched the nerve, because if it wasnt for my awfully funny approach to the matter, no one would even write anything, now at least I got your opinion @SuRv1VoR , which isnt so great btw, and there was absolutely no need for insults, I never mentioned any names, so I guess you just found yourself guilty of bad "admining".

    I also use this opportunity to tell everyone not to be afraid to type out their opinion as well, it takes 2 min, and its really helpful, cause Neho wants to know as soon as possible. Ofc, you dont need to know today, but the sooner the better.

  • i am definitly down with a new server. 5-10 loss of ping isnt that bad and its a good way to get some new faces on the server and get rid of some assholes. i mean i dont have time to play so much atm but i am just a fan of changing things that became rusty πŸ™‚

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    I have an idea, I will create a server with 20 slots, 8 will be private slots, so admins can always join even if its full, is that okay?

    I will create it tonight and start advertising the new IP on the current server

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    Server is up and runing

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    The idea is good, for once neho is actually working fast, so gj mum πŸ˜„

  • tested it, runs fluidly gj my dear πŸ™‚

  • Bless our lord and saviour Neho, the Magare we all love and hate at the same time πŸ˜›

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    Love you all πŸ˜›

    There are 2 new commands

    The style command will change the killcard color (default, red, blue, green, yellow)


    The emblem command is buggy since it doesnt appear on the enemies killcam but I will fix it this days, it should replace the default "" text with your own

    Example usage (max 40 characters)

    !emblem NeHo is Pro :)

    I will include some new commands in future

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    You're all welcome for all my efforts testing the new stuff πŸ˜„

  • You got nothing better to do anyway @SuRv1VoR and I told Neho not to include you as an admin on the new servers and I will send him 50€ and a box of chocolates every month

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    Send me that 50€ every month and i will volunteer not to be kicked every single day

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