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  • Hey @NeHo I was trying to add a new app in the same machine, I change the port and it works if I run it with "npm start" but how can I run that second app with pm2?

    any idea thanks.

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    You can google pm2 tutorial how you can do it in a json config file

    Or you can do it like me, you can add for every app a unique name, navigate to the root of your app1 and start the application with with pm2 and name it

    pm2 start npm --name "" -- start

    navigate to the root of the second app and start it with pm2

    pm2 start npm --name "" -- start

    if you list now your application you will have 2 instances runing, 1 will be named and the other

    you can name it as you wish, i hope this helped you

  • Thanks dude.

    It worked like a charm. 😃

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