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    In order to be able to send Cheater Reports you have to sign up first on our CoD4x WebAdmin page.

    Navigate to the Server where you are playing and click on 📷 icon next to the player name from who you would like to take a screenshot

    0_1535143325954_Screenshot_2018-08-24 Cirkus S D HC High XP - Round 6 19 - Cirkus Serveri.png

    After you take a Screenshot from a player wait for a minute and refresh the page, under tab Screenshots you should see now your Screenshot, open it in Gallery view, click on 1 image and it will open the gallery view.

    0_1535143443477_Screenshot_2018-08-24 Cirkus S D HC High XP - Round 6 19 - Cirkus Serveri(1).png

    If you catch a cheater you can report him with 1 click. Click on the right top corner on 👎 icon and choose "Send Cheater Report". (Since i have admin rights I can Ban players, you will be only abble to send a cheater report, icon is same only the text is other)


    That's it, the player is reported, we will also receive a notification on our Discord Group so if there is somebody online we should react fast. After we make a decision you will be informed on our CoD4xWebadmin page. If the player is banned based on your cheater Report you will be mentioned in this particular cheater report.

    This is how it looks when you are mentioned (if you would like to become an Admin on our servers you need 5 succesfull cheater reports, or with other words mentions as in the example bellow)


    Thank you for helping us keeping clear and playable our Servers!

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