Black SS

Anti-aliasing has nothing to do with our screenshots plugin, that was a problem in time when pb was used, we don't use this method anymore and PB is turned off on our server

I have activated the plugin, Julia should kick for black SS, pls let me know if u guys see it ingame since today there where no black SS screenshots

i have increased the number, with other words less similarity is needed for black screen to execute the kick, please let me know if there was a kick for Black SS in next days and also check if it is really a black screen. For now we only kick, have to find the right settings to make it later permban also

I hope he really had a BlacSS have checked that to?

I think it is working now properly since there is another kick for a BlackSS and it is a BlackSS so Julia starts to roking 😛

@NeHo too bad i have a girlfriend now. julia seems to be a lovely girl xD