Black SS

good thing we have you, you do gods work xD

I believe I have found the solution, I let u know when I update the WebAdmin page so we can test it out. I am not sure if the player who got kicked for black SS will be SS-ed again after he rejoins the server, therefore we will have to SS that particular player after he returns to the server. I will create some message on the server if somebody gets kicked for the black SS similar to the AutoBan message for screenshot blockers so you guys will know that we have a black SS.

I would also appreciate if admins who are in game would check the screenshot on the website from that player if it is really a black SS since this have to be tested before we make it run in Auto mode.

I think that for now I will simply kick black SS players from the server since it would be a bad idea to Ban for nothing.

Since we have an auto SS on our SD server for screenshot blockers we will also check if the screenshot is black, I believe that this could be a good thing for future since I have some other ideas to what we could use against hacks which are visible on the screenshots

Anti-aliasing has nothing to do with our screenshots plugin, that was a problem in time when pb was used, we don't use this method anymore and PB is turned off on our server

I have activated the plugin, Julia should kick for black SS, pls let me know if u guys see it ingame since today there where no black SS screenshots

i have increased the number, with other words less similarity is needed for black screen to execute the kick, please let me know if there was a kick for Black SS in next days and also check if it is really a black screen. For now we only kick, have to find the right settings to make it later permban also

I hope he really had a BlacSS have checked that to?

I think it is working now properly since there is another kick for a BlackSS and it is a BlackSS so Julia starts to roking 😛

@NeHo too bad i have a girlfriend now. julia seems to be a lovely girl xD