How to Manage new Unban requests sent via CoD4X WebAdmin

  • Administrators

    After we permanently ban a player on our Game Server and create the cheater reports for it, players are able to Send an Unban request.

    They can send the unban request from that particular cheater report. Unban request can only be sent once.

    After we recive the unban request we can check the cheater report and make our decision. This is how an unban request looks like.


    After we read the message from the ban appeal we can make our decision, click on the 3 dots on the right side top corner.


    Since this ban is discussed and closed further unban requests can not be sent if we decided to keep the permanent Ban. If we decide to accept the request then the cheater report will be deleted and the player will be unbanned with 1 click on the game server.

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