Upgrading your CoD4x-WebAdmin application

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    Upgrade from v0.0.4 to v1.0.0

    Cod4x binary files can be found here https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/tree/dev_newarch
    This CoD4x-WebAdmin version requires the dev_newarch branch files

    If you are using local game servers stop and save them somewhere since we have to delete them to make the new CoD4x-WebAdmin application functional (every server is stored as cod4-port, you can also just rename them like old-cod4-port, later on you can simply rename them back after you re-add the same servers what you already have, we have to do this since we will delete the database)

    Go to gihub page and download the website files and the cod4x binary files and also plugin Julia

    So now that we have stopped the servers and backed them up we can upload to directory main-server-files the cod4x binary files and the Julia plugin to the plugins folder. If you use a plugin for bans make sure you don't load <plugin> it in your gamer server.cfg file it is not needed if we use plugin Julia.

    Stop the node application

    • Since you have already changed the app/config/config.json file backup that file so you can over write the new one
    • Extract the downloaded files to you website, replace app/config/config.json with yours what you have just saved
    • Navigate in terminal to website root and execute command
    npm install
    • run the update file
    cd /var/www/mywebsite/app/update/
    • run the update file (if node is not working try to run the command with nodejs)
    node index.js
    • now we have to populate/seed our database with new data, to do that run next commands
    cd /var/www/mywebsite/app/seed


    node dbseed.js
    • start the node application
    cd /var/www/mywebsite/


    npm start

    or with pm2 (you can name the instances as you wish, I name it here webadmin)

    pm2 start npm --name "webadmin" -- start

    navigate to Admin section on the website and remove the default admin user, Admin/Users, delete the default admin user (for security reason since this admin is public it would be not nice if others would use this email and password and manage your servers bans users etc...)

    Re-add your Local Game Servers, before you start them go to server edit and add for every server a unique julia_identkey in order to be able to use plugin Julia. After you add and save the julia_identkey if u go back to Plugins part you will find the lines what you have to include to your server.cfg file

    If you have backed up your previous servers you can copy the main_shared directory and the server.cfg file

    make sure you do not load any plugin related to bans in the server.cfg file

    If you are using external servers make sure you upload to them the latest new_arch binary files and the plugin Julia

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