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  • Hi there, our webadmin runs stable and everything is fine, though there is one thing that is bothering me and my admins: Every server takes screenshots on the first spawn of everyone which is generally a good thing but we end up having 300+ screenshots every day which makes it pain in the bumm to check them, is there a way to disable that somehow? Our guess would be that it is somewhere in the plugins?


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    @daron there is only 1 plugin "Julia SS Check"

    This plugin should only once take an ss from a first time server visiting player. It will only take another ss if the players ss is black.

    Maybe you have on the game server side a gsc script, or this can happen if you have every day new 300 players (new player ID - or guid)

  • hi @NeHo thanks for your quick respond, we do not have julia SS check enabled at all, the screenshots get taken even on fresh vanilla servers with no gsc at all. I'm guessing the new player ID entries are the reason. Thanks!

  • @daron We use a special script to grab a ss on the 1st kill.. have found it useful. Let me know if you would like a copy and I can share.

  • @jff-vince Hi vince, I think it sorted itself out, all I did was turning on the Julia SS check on and off again and restarted the servers, they don't take that many screenshots anymore, hence I do not need your script, but thanks for the offer! nice to see the community still being active

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