Mrs Picasso

Im sry bae but maybe the guys can u give u some tips on your art work 😄 0_1535739630466_penis.png

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@NeHo Tudom, lusta vagyok hozzá 😄 😄 Amikor a műltkör meghalt a gépen nem aktiváltam vissza 😄 Totally not the point here mum 😄

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@Hannah Yea but ducky kept killing me before i could printscreen it properly 😄

I don't have this wall since I upgraded my cfg 🙂

@SuRv1VoR Lets be honest tho, she had made definite progress, im proud ❤ 0_1535749268195_penis32.png

Do not share this kind of content on forum

are we in a kindergarden here????