• Hi All,

    Been very quiet so here we are 😁 Anyone noticed that the screenshots that can be viewed from the server page just disappear? They have not been deleted 100% and they are still available via FTP but can no longer be viewed from the page. ?? They are there for a few days and then gone. Is there a time when that occurs by default? It only happens on one of the servers. The other is ok. They stay.

    Thanks in Advance ❤


  • Update, tonight they were all there again. Half an hour later they are all gone lol.

  • Now for some reason (I have changed nothing) the screenshot function does not work in game.

    ##other than my RCON password :-)##

    2020-10-10 22_05_23-=FMJ=BlackOps2Ftag_v8_ - =FMJ=CoD4X WebAdmin.jpg

  • Ok , obviously because i changed my RCON password (which is in my start up line)

    I changed it back to what it was and it was working again. But where else should I change it within webadmin? I cant remember putting it anywhere before?

    Thank you.

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