Hannah CoD4-Montage

Hey peeps,
i just made a CoD4 montage from the last weekend and I would appreciate it if you watch it and may send me some feedback and tips. It’s like my first edited montage so do not expect much. 😄
Since I had a lot of fun on the circus s&d server the last couple of weeks and because I am interested in video editing I decided to make a little clip just for fun.
So i hope you enjoy it or otherwise just scroll over it 😄

Hannah [#FA]<3

PS: yeah i didn't rly care about the music selection xD

Hannah CoD4-Montage S&D / Last Weekend

Well, i liked it but ofc i would watch bae 24/7 and not get tired of it :3
On a more constructive note, just because u asked for it, some of the speed-ups were a bit long for my brain (but maybe thats cause im only drinking my 1st coffee for the day) and if u use speed-up, maybe put in some slow-motion stuff too? (dunno what program u use). I wont mention the music selection too much since u "didnt care" but bae, next time please care 😄 It was fun to watch and damn bae is mvp 😄

P.S.: The ending is the cutest thing ever ❤

that's thru bae next time i will put some slow-motions in too 😄 but tbh i didnt put a lot of efford in the video also i don't have so much technical programs aswell. I was just editing with windows movie maker some hours that morning 😄
And the music is actually killing me xD i had no idea what i could use so i just searched for troll music 😄

This chatters should leave the server ... 😛

Nice 1 Hannah, play and editing 😉

nicht übel mädel 🙂 . gut editiert und die skills kann man durchaus sehen lassen, allerdings find ich die musikalische untermalung scheisse. wenn du für dein nächstes video n paar gute songs brauchst sag bescheid ich schick dir was...weiter so sweetheart ^^

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Thx doggy 🙂

Danke dir und ja beim nächsten mal werde ich die Musik sorgfältiger auswählen 😄 Wusste nur nicht, was ich wegen YouTube Rechten nehmen könnte und was nicht, also hab ich mir irgendeinen Mist rausgesucht 😆

wie gesagt ich hab n paar songs die gut zu gaming videos passen 🙂

I hope that u will not sing by yourself on next video 😛 since its all licenced

actually that was my plan because i wanna annoy you all

@Hannah said in Hannah CoD4-Montage:

actually that was my plan because i wanna annoy you all

Go girl goo :DDD

stop sending nudes of me

this will be a busy night for me and my hand 😛

is that what you do in your free time @NeHo?

Oh god, now there's an image i wont able to ever delete from my mind...

@Hannah This is how we play CoD4, I mean the Cirkus Admins