CoD4x Binary Files

Hello, maybe you could help me with some solution or explanation of why when I click on download the CoD4x Binary Files from Manage Call of Duty Servers nothing is downloaded, I have the permissions applied to the user and the configured directories but still they are not downloaded or Is there any way to do it manually

thanks for your help

If you would like to grab the cod4x source files from github you can clone it manually. It should be placed here (directory name matters "CoD4x_Server-master")


There is a plugin also on the web app it's called "Download cod4x files from Github" it will download every day at 5:30 in morning the files from github

If something is not working you should see some error in the apps console logs

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Do you need the cod4 server files or the binary files, that is not the same. Seems like that link is dead, I will remove that part in future, you have to upload manually server files.

Both of them, my friend, I already loaded them manually, I really appreciate your help