Server restart is disabled for some time

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    Yo badmins, I have disabled the server restart command on the web, there is a new server update and it is broken, it would auto update the server on restart so to avoid this I have disabled the command (only julia can execute it 😛 ).

    When they publish a stable version with no random server crashes I will enable the command or julia, but julia don't trust anybody so I am your only hope 🙂

  • I was wondering about that. Good news. 👊

    My servers have the basedonstable branch build 1004. We played one of the servers all night tonight and each client had also updated to 18.1.

    Happy to report that there were no issues, crashes, client kicks at all. All is stable it seems. Lets hope soon for a more stable up to date version. 🤞

    Thanks for letting us know about the auto update. Good Job 💪

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