• Pozz bois n gurlz! Lot of players want some new map additions . In my opinion the best cod4 maps are in rotation. Couldnt ask for more from cod4 maps.
    Term1nator had a great idea (in my opinion), and thats why me and him were MW2 players many years ago 😄
    There are some really GREAT maps in MW2. Like Terminal, Favela, Highrise, Skidrow.... Really great maps. I dont know if its possible to add MW2 maps, NeHo knows things like that. And of course its up to him cause he is the boss .He is just a little busy with Hannah 😄
    IF its possible and IF NeHo like to add some MW2 maps, whats your opinion people? Please check the maps i mentioned before you answer 🙂

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    I can add them but the problem is that ppl do not like to download mods or maps. I will create a mw2/mod server this days but I have to wait the next updates in the source game first.

  • wow 🙂 cant wait for it !!!

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