• I had idea about few things. First one is about grenade barrage in few seconds after mach bagin. Mayby decrease time of fuse to this like in stun grenade (maybe good idea but some live testing should be caried). Next thing is scorpion i know you hate it and let it stay like it is but, i thing snipers should be balance, In my opinion scope should be shaking like in vanila, becouse this is sick what are you doing with this haha. I underestand reflex and things but i think some shaking should be there. Replay what what do you think. Dont bully my about snipers.

    And sorry for any mistakes english isn't my first language.

  • Hi Laggy mushroom 🙂 I ll disagree about nades, because players are used to hold em for some secs and they count when to throw em etc. Thas a bad idea cause nades will be useless then in my opinion. There are paths you can take so you can avoid the nade barrage. For example in Backlot you can take the way to B and wait some secs. Same for District, wait a couple of secs and then go for B...or just take the way to A (risky tho) 😛

    No comment about scorpion, its okay banned 🙂

    Now, about snipers, i agree with you. Actually i dont really care, because im quick scoping most of time, so i dont mind if scope is shaking or not. I hold shift anyway, QS or not, because im used to it . But i get what you say, bois waiting with open scope for long time. And thats noobish and annoying. So i agree with you, but its not a big deal. I mean, i hate rusher bois on defend, they wont cover the bombs, they will rush to attacker's spawn , just to make kills....Thats not the objective in my opinion and annoys me...But i live with it 😛

  • Hi unlaki mah-shroom. I just stopped by to tell you your England is bad and I laughed a lot reading your post. Snipers used to be regular, with "shake" as you said (lmao) but now they aren't and yes, it should sway when you don't hold shift. I agree with you on one thing : balance. Auto assign should be the only option on the server so idiots couldn't join. Enjoy the game and have fun

  • Yes I know my english suck so much. Don't bully me about that :c . I know other paths. If someone change mind and throw grenade 1 or 2 seconds later at diffrent angle there always will be a kill. Just some luck, and knowledge about map and speed of player. I think about grenade with shorter fuse but without "cooking grenade" just like flash. I know this will be a big change and don't know if good or bad. Or i think if it is possible add some invisible walls in critical spots. When I wait for grenades to explode in this time other team rush as you said. Mayby this is just life haha.

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    I will not change something what we have for 10 years 🙂 There will be always things what somebody don't like, and if you didn't know when the community asked me to remove the scorpion I did it in minutes, they didn't wait to long 🙂

  • Scorpion was my favorite weapon. I know why i love him and why everyone hate it 😄 and underestand this why he is deleted.

  • I like your broken English, and don't take it the wrong way, but you can improve your skills if you play the game and learn to avoid nades. It seems nades are your biggest problem, but if you play smart I'm sure you can play with ease, if you need, Neho teaches cod4 for very cheap 😉
    But you can also watch yt tutorials, I recommend promod videos where they explain everything in depth. I can link them to you here if you want. Enjoy the gayme

  • Easy easy haha I am not new in this game. But this is my first post and I want to give something useful. And grenades aren't that bad (I am curious, How many times I died from this one car on backlot haha) . I was thinking about every player and gameplay. I have this luck when i wait for every grenade to explode and i am ready to go, then this one grenade let's call him "late grenade" just break everything and often I feel that I am going to die first xd.

  • @NeHo In minutes? 😄 Someone would say the very first seconds 😄

  • Yes haha my bad

  • @Lucky-Mushr00m Tip about the car that kills you in backlot: Just throw your nade and explode it when round starts, then go. Thank me later 😄

  • Yes but i lose my grenade :c

  • @Lucky-Mushr00m You can't have your cake and eat it ... just sayin 😛

  • 3 frag are banned?

  • @Lucky-Mushr00m Yes, i think.

  • I want to have more cakes

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