New CoD4x WebAdmin v4.0.0 Release

How to upgrade from v3.0.0 to v4.0.0

I have changed the way how our applications can be updated in future, for that to work in future we will need to make some changes manually.

First thing first, we need to have git installed on our machine

Some examples for installation


sudo apt update

sudo apt install git

Debian 9:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install git

Debian 8:

sudo apt update

sudo apt-get install git-core

Centos 7:

sudo yum install git

Now that we have installed git we can move on, this is the tricky part, stop the application (PM2 stop all or what ever you use) 🙂

Locate the directory where you have placed my application, lets say that my application is here


Inside html I have my application with directories app, bin, locales ... etc

cd to directory where inside you can find my application

cd /var/www/

You can see that I have not entered inside directory "html", I am 1 level up

Rename html folder to html_old

mv html html_old

Now we will clone from GitHub my version 4 application in our new html directory, for that run the next command

sudo git clone html

Since we don't run websites as root users lets make sure we change the permissions so that our website user can use this files (if you use here the same user for cod4 servers then use that users username like this username:username)

sudo chown -R username:group /var/www/mywebsite

Now lets copy from our old application the public folder, we have our screenshots, binary files all there, so lets move them to our new html directory (this will take some time, just wait until it finishes)

cp -r /var/www/ /var/www/

Now change inside "/var/www/" config.json file, if you need all the tokens, usernames, passwords you can find them in your html_old config.json file

There are some new lines on the new config.json file

This part can be used if you use domain name instead IP when you add new servers, replace the country and country_short code to yours and set yes to 1

 "localmachine": {
    "yes": "0",
    "country": "Germany",
    "country_short": "de"

If you would like to have a link to your forum on the cod4xwebadmin change this lines, set yes to 1, change name and the url to your Forum (this will be visible on the main menu left side)

"forumlink": {
    "yes": "0",
    "name": "Forum",
    "url": ""

Since we made this changes manually we have to install new dependencies only once this time, to do so please run next commands

cd to our application

cd /var/www/


npm install

And finally lets run our new command, this is the reason why we switched to GitHub

npm run update

You can now start your application you should be up to date

Updates in future

In future updates when there is a new version, stop your application, cd to your app directory

cd /var/www/

Update application

npm run update

And that's it, you can start your application and you should be up to date

The version v4.0.0 requires the new Julia plugin, I will attach the compiled version to GitHub release

Ofcorse if you run local servers you can compile it yourself on the application

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What is new in v4.0.0

  • Chat history for every Player on our Game Servers (can be found under players data menu)
  • Player Stats improved, there is a link under TOP 25 players GET ALL PLAYERS, this will navigate to all player stats for the given server, there is a search form for player name search
  • Fix for "can not ban admin_player", I have disabled steam account unlink for Admin users, users without linked steam account can not be added as server admins on the admin backend
  • Faster player list storing (sent by julia)
  • Future updates can be made from now on with 1 simple command "npm run update"
  • New plugin to remove older chat messages from application
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