• Hi All,

    In server settings there is the option to 'Auto restart Local Server every day at X hours'

    I decided to activate that on all 3 of mine all at different times during the night. This morning when I woke up all three servers had stopped. πŸ˜•

    I also had activated Auto Restart Local Server on Crash but they were not restarted.

    The good thing is that I got a Discord Message πŸ€— telling me they had crashed and would be restarted. But of course they were not. πŸ™„

    Any ideas? I don't really need either of those activated as I am always keeping an eye on them, but I am testing out all of the application.


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    Will look at that, you can always check the PM2 log, maybe there was an error. Right now I am working on the player stats part, when I finish that I will look at it. Have not used auto restart for a while. Check also your game servers if there is some error. Also be aware that you use workarounds because you use a mix of local IP and domain name, your servers are different then what others have

  • @NeHo I will take a look at the logs and report back. It’s not really something I fee i would need to be honest. But I just did a test.

    UPDATE:Last thing in logfile.

    ----- Server Shutdown -----

    With the reason:
    Server received signal: Hangup
    Terminating server...
    ==== ShutdownGame (1) ==== (ALL OK, Normal at this point)

    Sending master heartbeat from to
    Sending master heartbeat from to

    Received signal: Terminated, exiting...
    DOUBLE SIGNAL FAULT: Received signal: Terminated, exiting...

    As you say maybe a combination of local IP and domain name I am using. It is not big deal for me. I more than likely would not use auto restart in the future. πŸ™‚

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