• hi, this is narko, i just got banned temporarily for wh, and the administrator who banned me, Blanconegro said go cry with Neho, lool.logically, if I cheat why tell me to go to Neho? xD a temporary ban for wh, while I have already seen on the server permanent bans for wh detect by screenshot. explain me blanconegro ^^
    First, he calls me noob, I say nothing, then in an action where he had to plant the bomb, he hid near the wooden stairs on crash, he shot someone, i came in front, deagle point already by hearing his shot, seeing the direction of his ball relative to the one who takes this ball, I judge his position I shoot, and I am cheater. Having headphones a good sound card, easy to guess Blanconegro, where you were hiding.
    You are administrator, your main role and to make respect the rules, you are disrespectful in towards me and that for an administrator is inadmissible you are unable to prove that I wh, because you know why? Because I do not cheat, I am clean, I have my keyboard, my mouse, my headphones, my sound card and nothing more. Here is proof to Neho and all the others present at the time of the banishment that I cheat.

    I emphasize, I played on this server long before you, I had never had a problem since your arrived everything to change, you are a very bad administrator, I have nothing to say about the others, but you, you are a bad loser, unable to do your job properly.

    PS : sorry for bad english

  • thx for unban, Peace

  • many ppl complain about your gameplay.its not possible to play like this with 200 ping lol! if i have to choose between u or the rest of the players and the greater good guess what...i choose the greater good of the server! why ppl leave when u join? i join 2 or 3 hours daily and i wont tolerate this bullshit happening. Yeah its admin abuse!

    P.S.: its never personal! i just try to keep server on level!

  • oh well, you have to have 30 ping to know how to play? when I connect the players go away? Ah well, you are too funny, however on the 2 maps that I played before being banned, there were many, more than 14 hin ^^. I have been playing blanconegro for a very long time, you cannot understand my gameplay, you have never done clanwar, competition,. you ask the advice of good players ah good? whose opinion? as you said, admin abuse

  • @BlancoNegro said in Hello, it's narko(zamalia):

    many ppl complain about your gameplay.its not possible to play like this with 200 ping lol!

    ahahahahah, really, impossible ?

  • @BlancoNegro said in Hello, it's narko(zamalia):

    P.S.: its never personal! i just try to keep server on level!

    we know it's personnal, because when you are not here, i haven't got problems

  • Administrators

    Calm down, I have enough problems with my gf, she want me to go with her to shoe store, I will ban you booth if she gets me there.

    He unbaned you so you can rejoin

    Join the server Fridays I will teach you some moves, maybe I show you how to camp with any weapon

  • I am calm, it was funny. I said thx for unban, and i am not camper NeHo, i play with brain, and without dead silence ^^.
    I am a sniper, my job, kill others sniper and rusher ^^.

  • if in the past I have offended you, excuse me Blanconegro, Peace man

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