Julia plugin load error !


I have an external server already running when i try to loadplugin Julia

[7:03:22 PM] loadplugin julia

Error: Init failure. Server returned code 400 and message There was an error on CoD4xWebAdmin application: TypeError: Cannot read property 'country' of null
Error in plugin's OnInit function!
Plugin load failed.

Do you rent a game server, where do you run my application, is the application on same machine as the cod4 server(s). Do you use domain name instead IP when you add a new server. I would need some more info to be able to help you out

@NeHo No I rent 2 VPS and Install your panel and 1 cod4 server to a VPS and other VPS has another cod4server. yes, I am using a domain.

Use IP when you add new server, the country is null because you used domain name, and the application gets the country only based on IP, it can not get the country from domain name, only from IP

Problem Solved 😄 But My VPS is located in Singapore and we are from Sri Lanka but the location is NULL how to add Sri Lanka to this place 😕


@ravindu2500 that doesn't look okay to me, it should look like this if everything is working as it should

Screenshot_2020-05-05 Cirkus S D HC High XP - Round 12 19 - Cirkus Serveri.png

Country and country flag are based on your game server IP. If your game server is located in Sri Lanka then it should show up there

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@NeHo I have 2 servers on web admin tool but both servers not shown Country with Flag Server located in Singapore 😕
Before the load Julia plugin it shows "^7SriLanka" because of sets _Location "Srilanka" is in Server.cfg after the load Julia plugin it missed


remove and re add your servers, maybe that solves it

@NeHo Re-added but I think the location got from Server.cfg 😕 and no flag IMG shown and all of other features are missing 😕 ? or it takes some time? (map change ...etc)


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You are missing something, my style of the website is looking diferent. Seems like css (website style) is not loaded somewhere. The flag is also a css file actually, so that css is missing for some reason. Send me a link to your website in PM if you don't want to share it here in public.

Also make sure you changed this to your domain https://github.com/byNeHo/CoD4x-WebAdmin/blob/master/app/config/config.json#L11