Julia on drugs???


Uhm...is Julia ok? Is she high or something?? I cant see properly my topics and i end up deleting them. So, to the point.... This is not my chat history in game, i dont even understand whats written there. And definitely these are not my aliases. Whats the problem here?

Thats a bug I know about it, will solve it 🙂

There is a bug with my webadmin page, it mixes players when I restart it, will look for solution in future Hodor 🙂

@NeHo Just tell her to cut off of pills and mushrooms , she ll be ok then xD

@1manFail You know that shes on drugs 🙂 its hard to talk to her, she always licks her nose when I talk to her, shes scary 🙂

@NeHo lol . She could be more generous at least, and share some Gs with us xD