Server Commands for Admins Via CoD4x WebAdmin page

  • Administrators

    After you become an Admin on our Game Servers you will be able to execute server commands via Our CoD4x WebAdmin page.

    Server commands depend on your Admin power, more power means more commands. Since i have 100 power you will see all server related commands on the screenshot

    0_1535183573622_Screenshot_2018-08-24 Cirkus S D HC High XP - Round 6 19 - Cirkus Serveri.png

    Server related commands

    • On the top right corner there are 3 icons (green, orange, red), this icons are for server start, restart, stop
    • Change map command, select the map from the list and click "GO", this command will change the map on the game server
    • Maprotate command, on click the next map will be loaded on the server
    • Screenshot All, this command will take screenshot from all players on the server

    Player related commands

    • icon camera (!getss), takes a screenshot from that particular player
    • icon PM (!tell), send a private message to that particular player
    • icon ST (!screentell), sends a private Big Centered message to that particular player
    • icon K (!kick), opens a pop-up window, reason is required before that particular player is kicked from the game server
    • icon TB (!tempban), opens a pop-up window, reason is required, select from list for how long that particular player is temp-banned from the game server

    Screenshots part
    After you open the screenshots gallery u can use also the mouse scroll to switch to next, previous image

    • To permanently ban a player from the game server and create a cheater report click on 👎 icon and choose "Permban and create Report", (Player name, map and Server name are visible for every screenshot on bottom, choose the right player 🙂 )


    *Delete Screenshots

    • To delete the screenshots if there are no cheaters to ban click on 3 dots on the right side and choose "Delete all"


    Unban Players

    0_1535185164496_Screenshot_2018-08-25 Banned Player splinter - Cirkus Serveri.png

    • Navigate to banlist page and find the player who you would like to unban (there is a search option, enter player name or guid)
    • Open cheater report details and locate the 3 dots on the right side, click "Playername unban"
    • The player is now unbanned on the game server and cheater report will be removed
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