We can allow some extra admin commands on our application if we navigate to Admin->Website Settings-Commands Settings

Screenshot_2020-05-04 Rcon Commands Settings - Cirkus Serveri.png

Screenshots Settings

Enable screenshots, set Minimum Admin Power to use unlimited Screenshots

  • here we can enable unlimited screenshots via website for all admin with x power or more

Enable screenshots for Registered Users, set maximum shots/hour

  • here we enable screenshots for non admin users and set the maximum per hour shots, I like to use here 3-5 shots to not make the server to lagging because many SS attempts

Enabled command Screenshot All

  • if we enable this command it will be visible on server details page (small camera icon right side)

Maps Settings

Enable map change, set minimum admin power

  • if we enable this admins with x power can change maps via website (left side, map list and a go button)

Enable map rotate, set minimum admin power

  • if enabled admins with x power can rotate to next map via website

Screenshot_2020-05-04 Cirkus S D HC High XP - Round 7 19 - Cirkus Serveri.png

Unban/Tempban Settings

Enable player unban, set minimum admin power

  • admins with x power can unban players via website

Enable Tempban duration or set Default Time in minutes

  • if enabled a list will be used, from the list admins can select the time interval for tempban duration
  • if not enabled Default Time in minutes will be used

if you would like to have more options on the Tempban list you can add new time intervals or delete existing on page Admin->Website Settings (Tempban Duration)

Cheater Reports Settings

Minimum Power to manage Cheater Reports

  • admins with X power can make a decision on unban requests sent via cod4xwebadmin page

Minimum Cheater Reports for Admin Apply

  • minimum cheater reports which are accepted by server admins to be able to apply for admin rights

How to apply for admin rights can be seen here https://forum.cirkus-serveri.com/topic/3/how-to-apply-for-admin-rights

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