How to add add ongoing running external server to WebAdmintool

@NeHo Hello,
I have an ongoing running server named (server located in Singapore ), and it's already published and working fine.I need to add this server to the web admin tool. How to do that?
The server has not loaded Julia plugin yet.
If you can explain step by step using simple English its very glad full.

Is this a local or external server?

  • local (on same machine where the cod4xwebadmin is)
  • external (rented server by some provider)
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Navigate to the Admin part on your website

Click on Tab Add new server and choose "Add External Server"

Screenshot_2020-05-02 Admin Dashboard - Cirkus Serveri.png

Enter the data and a unique julia_identkey

After you have added your new External Server it will be listed under Tab "EXTERNAL GAME SERVERS", there are 3 small dot on the right side for every listed server, if you click on it there is an option Edit, click that

On the server page locate Tab "Server Plugins"

Copy the 3 lines from Game Server Settings - Plugin Julia and paste them to your game servers server.cfg file as 3 last lines.

You also need plugin julia .so file on your external game server in plugins folder

Restart game server and check if the server is refreshed on your website

@NeHo Hello should i change local host to my webadmintool URL?


You should change it in config json file, and change later on the julia_identkey that should not been seen by others for security reasons.

But for now to test it out, yes change localhost to your domain/IP

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@NeHo then what should be the correct URL ? 😞
which line in config json

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@NeHo Finally 😛 Plugin is successfully loaded and ready to works thanks @NeHo 😄

Which line should i edit to localhost to my IP in URL @NeHo