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    Banned players list can be found on our CoD4xWebadmin page under link Banlist

    If you are listed in banned player list click on your Ban to see the details why you where permanently banned. On the right Side is a form "Ban Appeal ", that is the place where you want to apply for unban.

    • Bans with reason chams are not listed on our ban list, if that's the case you want us to unban you don't even contact us, just go away
    • Cheater reports are hold for two months, after that even without a demo your ban appeal will be declined.

    Btw: It was not your brother, mom, grandmother or dog. You and you alone are responsible. Also, we will not unban your key if someone else has used it to cheat on our servers.

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    Irony tell me reason for this..... this isnt normal reason!!!!

  • Administrators

    Nothing is normal on Cirkus, even the reasons sometimes 🙂

    What I can read from this reason (with my bad english) is that he will ban your ass if you don't follow server rules 🙂

    Sry google translate

    θα σας απαγορεύσει τον κώλο

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