Bug with "Can not ban is Server Admin"

Hello Cirkus Admins,

I have found the bug what we had some days ago where we could not Ban some obvious cheaters based on the screenshots.

The problem was that our admins have Unlinked their Steam Account from the profile page, so they had no Steam ID, and when you want to Ban a cheater it first checks the steam ID and if there is an Admin with same Steam ID what we just want to ban then it says that you can not Ban Server Admins. Since they Removed/Unlinked steam there was a match, steam ID 0.

So in future, please do not unlink Steam accounts from cod4xwebadmin page.

I have removed Led and Johnny, they had no Steam accounts linked on the cod4xwebadmin page, thats why we could not ban cheaters.

Johnny, Led let me know here on forum in PM when you have steam linked so I can add you back as admins

Thanks NeHo,

We ran into this also... thinking maybe the check should include if steam > 0...

Any thoughts on if this will be a fix, or if we simply should not have admins without steam id ?



Not sure what you mean, if somebody applies for admin rights via the application he must have steam linked, otherwise he can not apply as server admin.

The only way I could solve it, is to remove all admin rights from users who unlink steam from their profile page

I find this in app/controllers/rconcmd/index.js

and we are looking to match on the steam_id, but seems maybe check that steam_id > 0 first ?

I too removed the admin permissions from some who did not properly have set.


User.findOne({'steam.id':checkplayerdata.player_steam_id, 'local.user_role': {$gt: 100}}, function( err, checkifimune ) {
if (checkifimune){
req.flash('error_messages', req.t('rcon_commands:general.is_imune', { get_AdminName: checkifimune.local.user_name }));

That's a good idea I will look at, just fixed another bug where I use cod4x plugin http to update players ingame visual settings, it was broken.

After I finish it I will look at this part, maybe i will also check there if there is an admin with no steam linked and remove him and send him a notification that he is removed because he had no steam account linked.

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Admins should link the steam account to the web admin tool? to work ban?

Yes, not only for ban, steam is the admin authentication, no steam = no rights

how to set up steam with panel? any post about it?

@ravindu2500 Go to plugin SSO Steam Settings via admin panel, when you visit that page there is a tutorial, when you finish everything activate the plugin

Set your "returnURL" as the domain you access your app with /user/auth/steam/return, appended to it (e.g. https://www.mygreatwebsite.com/user/auth/steam/return)

i don't understand this sorry 😞

@ravindu2500 said in Bug with "Can not ban is Server Admin":


replace this part "https://www.mygreatwebsite.com" with your website or IP, make sure to use http if you dont have ssl (I added an example with https, if needed put there http)

@NeHo I did but still not working 😞
"steamAuth" : {
"returnURL" : "http://snd.deathkinggaming.com/user/auth/steam/return",
"realm" : "http://snd.deathkinggaming.com",

should i change the path for specific my own path?

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@NeHo still getting that error 😞

"steamAuth" : {
	"returnURL"         : "http://snd.deathkinggaming.com:3000/user/auth/steam/return",
	"realm"     : "http://snd.deathkinggaming.com:3000",
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wait 5-10 minutes on steam, they need some time

@NeHo should I add the port when I add the domain name in the steam website?

This issue will be solved in the next v4.0.0 update