New CoD4x WebAdmin v3.0.0 has been released

How to upgrade from v2.2.2 to v3.0.0

  • Get the latest version from the Github page
  • Since you have already changed the app/config/config.json file backup that file so you can over write the new one

Simply overwrite the files from previous version and after it finishes place back your config.json file (app/config/config.json)

Remove on your applications root next file "package-lock.json"

Run the next command on your application root

npm install

Start your application, there will be an error message with a solution
simply type that command as suggested on the console and after that start your application

*if there is no error message and your application simply starts pls create the file with next command

npm install --package-lock

In putty navigate to "app/seed"

Run the next command (on some OS use nodejs instead node in the next command)

node update.js

Your application should be now up to date

What is new in this update:

  • Plugin Emailer Sendgrid, when activated registered members can reset their local account passwords if they forgott them
  • Plugin Remove old Player Data, when activated removes older then x days player data
  • Admin Panel - Manage Users, changed the style, now user management should be easier on 1 page
  • Admin Panel - Clear All Admin Notifications, sometimes admin notifications page wont work, until I find the bug what causes this we can simply delete all Admin notifications to be able to load that page again
  • Players Data, style has been changed, with the new pagination the pages should load faster
  • Players Data Details, offline Ban has been added as an option, admins with enough power for player Unban will be also able to execute offline bans on this page
  • Players by Country and Unbans, Counting players by Country has been added to the homepage, latest Unbans also
  • Player Stats, player Stats for every Server has been added, for now only the Top 25 players are listed on the detailed Server page this will be updated in future updates
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