There is a New Tab on Server Details

There is a new Tab if you visit CoD4xWebadmin and navigate to server details. We all know that I am the Number 1 and all others can be 2nd best 🙂

It's not yet finished, for now it only sums the scores on round ends, will change it for a little bit in future

When there will be more data we can spam also in game something like

"King of Crash NeHo" or if it is Survi then something like "Script currently unavailable"

Btw since there are no online players right now I could not test it out so tomorrow I will look at it in action

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Of cores that it works, look at it, pure skill Player is n1

Screenshot_2020-03-30 Cirkus S D HC High XP - Round 17 19 - Cirkus Serveri.png

I now see why you are our king Neho 😆

You mean, "King of Spec NeHo"? sounds about right....