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    I have changed the Players data list, it should load faster now with pagination. The search option based on name or guid is in top right corner.

    From now on players can be banned offline also, you will find a ban option if you navigate to the Players data part and choose a player, in details view there is a ban option (only visible for server admins).

    There is also a password reset option if you forget your Local Account password, the password reset link is active for 1 hour.

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    Let me know if something is not working 🙂 can happen

  • PlayersData.paginate is not a function
    I saw someone opened an issue on Github as well.

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    Where do you get that error? Maybe it happened because I uploaded new stuff today and restarted the server several times, let me know if it still exist, and if yes send me a screenshot or the url where you got it

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    Vision settings for S&D can from now on also be changed via webadmin page, navigate to your profile (make sure you visit the sd server with steam client ON) and you will find at bottom the settings "In Game Settings"

    Screenshot_2020-03-29 My Profile - Cirkus Serveri.png

  • @NeHo I downloaded the latest version you committed today, its related to the 3 days ago commit (adding pagination and players search), and when I click on "Players Data" on the sidebar I get that error. I will try to download it on the localhost and test. Maybe I messed smth up.
    The error is not on your website, I'm sorry i didn't mention that, I guess it's not implemented yet,I'm sorry.

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    Okay now I understand, you should use only the latest releases from GitHub page, if you download direct from GitHub then you will have unfinished code parts since I have not yet uploaded everything from my local machine.

    I will publish a new release when I upload everything and test it out on our websites.

    On your page, if you navigate to the admin part you can see if you are up to date, if there is a new version it will switch from green to red and inform you that you should update

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