• Greetings campers!
    Yet again I am hereby inviting everyone that plays cod4 to join the server. I also think it would not be a bad idea for regular players to arrange some sort of a date to know when each of us can join, so we can fill the server easier. If everyone is free at least once a week, that would still be enough to attract players, both regular and newcomers. So, please, Im just asking whoever can to join on Fri, Sat, or Sun, at any given time period, since I assume thats when most people are free from work and other duties. We can also just post here to announce when each of us can join, I really think Im not the only one that misses playing and having fun there. @NeHo could you make some sort of a poll or something to vote the day of joining for each week? Maybe we can see if it will work, so at least we know when we can expect to join and have at least a decent amount of players? It seems no one wants to join first on an empty server and then just wait and not know who will join, if anyone. Let me know what you all think, cya

  • +1 Bap 😉 Lets try keep it alive! We all missing Cirkus!

  • Weekend sounds perfect, especially afternoons and nights! i check everyday but nobody joins...if join guys both fail and buraz just text me! i miss the old times!

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    Let me first finish the removing of the scorpion 🙂 🙂 🙂 Its almost done

  • Administrators

    I will join tomorrow the server, I will play only in socks maybe that can move us forward

  • I just want to say Neho is my King! Tomorrow, if I don't see some regulars, I'm banning whoever doesn't join. Especially if it's @Pancakes , @SuRv1VoR , @BlancoNegro , @1manFail , @Irony666 , and our rusher Radioactive (can't tag you man, where are you?). It's bloody Sunday wankers, and @duckwj1197 better be there too. Cya all, enjoy your Saturday night drinking 😛

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